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  • Over Easy: 2019 Senior Art Exhibition.
    At the end of each academic year, the Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art hosts the Senior Art Exhibition, the culmination of artwork made by the graduating seniors in the Art Department at the end of their undergraduate journey at Lewis & Clark College.
  • Canto VI, 74-75: The Meeting of Sordello and VirgilFrom the series Dante's Purgatorio, 2002-2005 ...
    In 2003, artist Sandow Birk (with writer Marcus Sanders) relocated Dante Alighieri’s epic poem The Divine Comedy into contemporary urban America. In his illustrations for the three books (Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso), Birk depicted Dante as a sneaker- and hoodie-clad slacker. Accompanied by the ancient Roman poet Virgil, Dante journeys through the circles of Hell to Purgatory and Paradise, presented as versions of modern American cities.
  • Mark R. Smith and Maria T.D. Inocencio I Used to Think I Knew Everyone (detail) 2017 muslin, pape...
    Loss of Material Evidence comprises work resulting from an ongoing conversation between collaborators and life partners, Maria T. D. Inocencio and Mark R. Smith, about the aging and passing of their parents. Through new work created specifically for this exhibition—some works made collaboratively and others made by the individual artists—Inocencio and Smith investigate the dispersion and disposal of material possessions—long associated with specific experiences or periods of time—from their family homes.
  • Featuring pieces by: Abi Joyce-Shaw, Beija Flor, Zach Kavanagh, Sterling E. Stoll, Victoria Sundell, Samantha Macfarlane, Soolim Lee, Jenny Rodriguez, Mimi Hovila
  • Barely There ?sculpture by Jess Perlitz.
    This faculty art exhibition features Joel W. Fisher’s Abridged Proof and Jess Perlitz’s Forever washing itself.
  • Portland artist Bill Will has used the Hoffman Gallery as a venue for a site-specific interactive art experience he calls the Fun House.
  • This year’s Senior Art Exhibition showcases the work of 14 Lewis & Clark art majors. An annual celebration of students’ talents and vision, these exhibitions have been recognized by media including the Wall Street Journal for their quality, depth, and breadth.
  • Jennifer Steinkamp  Jimmy Carter  2002  DVD animated painting  dimensions variable  Collection of...
    An exhibition of both iconic and lesser-known works from 35 of the most significant and compelling artists of the last fifty years, Open This End: Contemporary Art from the Collection of Blake Byrne will trace a number of intertwined narratives in the history of recent art, from the 1960s to the present. The exhibition’s title comes from a 1962 painting by Andy Warhol, the earliest work in the show, and frames the exhibition as a present to be unpacked, a surprise that audiences will delight in discovering.
  • This year’s Senior Art Exhibition showcases the work of 19 Lewis & Clark art majors. An annual celebration of students’ talents and vision, these exhibitions have been recognized by media including the Wall Street Journal for their quality, depth, and breadth.
  • Showcasing six young Cuban artists, this show is a conversation between two crossroads of the Americas. Each artist has considered the particular history of Portland in their unique work for this exhibition.
  • For his latest exhibition, Eric Stotik has spent two years creating a continuous painting that is 5 feet high and 45 feet long.
  • The 2015 Senior Art Exhibition featured art work by 23 Lewis & Clark studio art majors.
  • Reinventing Documentary: The Art of Allan Sekula will present a small yet considerable survey of Sekula’s prolific and important career.
  • In this interdisciplinary and interactive exhibition, Dana Lynn Louis will transform the Hoffman Gallery into an experiential environment that explores the varied meanings of “clearing.”
  • The 2014 Senior Art Exhibition featured artwork by 25 Lewis & Clark studio art majors. April 4 - May 11