Student Assistant Confidentiality Agreement

Thank you for your participation! Student assistants are a valued and integral part of Lewis & Clark. We hope you will enjoy connecting with fellow alumni and parents, and helping us involve more alumni and parents to build a stronger L&C community. To protect the privacy and identities of our constituents, we require all student assistants to read and sign the confidentiality agreement, which outlines the use, storage and disposal of confidential constituent information.

In order to fulfill your  projects and tasks, you will be provided with confidential information. You may be provided personal information about alumni, parents, or friends of the college and asked to use this information to contact them or use for informational purposes. We care about our constituents and we do everything possible to protect their privacy and personal information.

By reading this document and signing your name at the end, you agree to join us in safeguarding privacy and personal information, thereby protecting the college’s relationship with all constituents. When we mention “confidential information” we mean names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, relationships, giving, or any other personal information that is provided to you directly from college staff.

There are four simple guidelines for use of confidential information.


Any confidential information provided to you by the college staff should only be used for the purposes of the project or task to which you are assigned.


College staff may frequently provide you with updated lists. You should always use new lists. Contact information, communication preferences, and other information is continuously updated, and we want to provide you with the best possible information.


You may not share any confidential information provided to you by college staff. All student assistants that have completed this training will receive the information they need.


All electronic and hard copy confidential information should be stored securely, preventing access by anybody other than yourself.

We ask that you shred (or bring to the college for shredding) all electronic lists when you no longer need them for your project/task.

Please fill out the required information below. Doing so will serve as an electronic signature for the confidentiality agreement.

Confidentiality agreement: I will use, update, and store the confidential information, which is any information provided to me by the college staff, including contact, giving, relationship, and other personal information, in accordance with the four guidelines outlined on this page.

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