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Bob Gaillard

September 10, 2011


Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Years of Service: 21

What brought you to Lewis & Clark? I had been working in the Bay Area as the sales and marketing director for the San Francisco Giants. By the time the head coach position opened up at Lewis & Clark, I was ready to leave California traffic behind and return to coaching. I knew Lewis & Clark from basketball clinics, and I loved campus. My wife also loves the Northwest.

What have you most enjoyed about your work? Sharing competitive goals with dedicated student-athletes.

What is the most significant change you’ve seen at Lewis & Clark during your time here? The biggest changes have been physical ones—the glade used to be a parking lot, we’ve replaced the Quonset huts of yore with new buildings, we’ve got a new wood floor in the gym, and so on. We’ve also had some changes in administration. Clark Yeager, director of physical education and athletics, has been a major positive for all. The student body has remained fairly constant.

Can you describe an experience with a student that affirmed your passion for your profession? There have been lots of special moments with players over 22 years of coaching—I wouldn’t want to single out any one student. I received a myriad of thank you’s from former players upon my retirement. There were also some emotional tears from last year’s players when my departure was announced.

Describe the most memorable moment of your time at Lewis & Clark. In 1994, we defeated the No. 1 team in the nation (Taylor-26-0) in the national tournament en route to our Final Four appearance.

What is something others would find surprising about you? I’m very shy, but I disguise it in various ways.

What is your favorite place on campus and why? The Trail Room. I ate lunch there almost every day. People joked that it was my office before my office.

What will you miss most about coming here every day? It keeps you young to be around such good students. Because there are no athletic scholarships, they play for the sheer desire and love of the game. We forge a common bond—together, we find out how good we can be. I’ll miss that competitive quest for excellence.

What accomplishments are you most proud of? I’m proud of building a nationally recognized basketball program and being voted No. 1 in the nation [in 1996-97]. I’ve appreciated having the opportunity to have an impact on many lives—helping young people develop the dedication and passion needed for success personally and professionally.

What’s next for you? What are you looking forward to doing? I’m living in Peoria, Arizona, next to Scottsdale. I love the climate—not a cloud in the sky. My son, Tim, lives three miles away, and I’m enjoying our triplet granddaughters. Tim and I play father-son tennis—last year, we were ranked No 4 in the nation among Super Senior-Father-Son teams. I’m also looking into some basketball-related activities in China.

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