In Memoriam

Honoring alumni, faculty, staff, and friends who have recently passed.


Kenneth Hulburt BA ’34, July 12, 2006, age 92. He worked for 30 years in the public school system as a teacher, athletic coach, and principal. He was on the board of the Medford Rural Fire District and was state president for three years for the Oregon Fire District Directors.


Helen MacPherson Connine BS ’43, September 9, 2006, age 84. She taught second and sixth grades for 28 years in the Glide School District.

O. Harold Smith BA ’45, September 11, 2006, age 83. He owned a certified public accounting firm, Smith, Gerstein & Smith, and was a member of the school board in Vancouver, Washington.

Dean E. Billings BS ’48, September 10, 2006, age 82. He served in the Navy during World War II and made a career as an engineer for E.S. Constant Company.

Robert Kent BS ’48, September 4, 2006, age 78. He was a vice president of Western Equipment Company of Portland.

Duncan O. Faus BA ’49, July 25, 2006, age 82. He lived in Monterey, California, where he taught mathematics and loved to ride his bicycle through the byways of the Monterey Peninsula.

William Wonderlick BS ’49, November 5, 2006, age 79. He was a teacher for Portland Public Schools.


Lee A. Daniels BS ’50, September 2, 2006, age 79. He served in the Army Air Corps during World War II and the Naval Reserve during the Korean War. He worked for 30 years as a business development officer for U.S. Bank. Past president of Mount Hood Ski Patrol and commodore of Klamath Yacht Club, he climbed Mount Hood and Mount Rainier and sailed the South Pacific.

William E. Heber Jr. BA ’50, August 5, 2006, age 80. He was a principal and superintendent for the Cupertino (California) School District.

Patrick Howland BS ’50, August 1, 2006, age 80. He served in the Army Air Corps during World War II and later went to work as an insurance agent.

Helen Bonadurer Mader BS ’51, August 15, 2006, age 78. She worked as an accountant and a realtor.

Charles L. “Mickey” Healey BS ’52, November 8, 2006, age 88. He served with the Army Air Corps 17th Photo Reconnaissance during World War II. He later worked at the Social Security Administration and took pride in his lithograph work. 

Mary Miller Leaverton BA ’52, September 6, 2006, age 76. She was a kindergarten and second grade teacher at Duniway Elementary School. She was a member of the Town Club and a board member of the Parry Center.

Warren Lindstedt BA ’53, August 2005. He was a member of Lambda Phi Epsilon and worked in medical claims and personnel.

Blanche Caffiere MEd ’54, November 19, 2006, age 100. She was an avid swimmer well into her 80s. A schoolteacher and librarian for more than 50 years, she taught in Seattle, Portland, and in London as a Fulbright exchange teacher. She met the young Bill Gates while working as a librarian at Seattle’s View Ridge School. Gates later credited her with inspiring his philanthropic effort to bring technology into school libraries. Caffiere published several articles and books including Rocking Chair Memories (2002), about her childhood.

Esther Evans Leinbach BS ’54, October 14, 2006, age 82. She was a caseworker for the Yamhill County Welfare Office and had a passion for the peace movement, natural foods, and alternative healing movements. A lifetime member of the International Society for Astrological Research, she published a daily forecast titled “Daily Astrological Currents” and numerous books including Degrees of the Zodiac (Macoy Publishing, 1972).

Jaqueline Pochert Sandvig BS ’54, October 29, 2006, age 77. She taught for Portland Public Schools, and later for Navy dependent schools in Italy, Morocco, and Guam.

Virgil Edwin Velene JD ’56, July 21, 2006, age 91. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and was an attorney for the Internal Revenue Service for 35 years.

Myles Ralston JD ’58, August 13, 2006, age 78.

Gary Wright BS ’58, October 29, 2006, age 70. After serving in the Navy, he moved to Tigard in the late 1960s and was a counselor for the Tigard School District for more than 20 years.

William B. Workman BS ’59, September 20, 2006, age 69. He played “FanFare” on his coronet at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland and learned to fly a plane in the National Guard. After earning a master’s degree from Harvard Business School, he founded Workman Forest Products and Pacific Mill Supply.


Ella I. Kennell BA ’61, September 12, 2006, age 87. She was a secretary at the Bonneville Power Administration and a longtime member of the Eighth Church of Christ, Scientist in Portland.

Sandra L. Lindsey BA ’64, JD ’99, September 20, 2006, age 64. She was an English professor.

Allen Hein JD ’69, July 19, 2006, age 68.


Richard G. Ford JD ’71, August 23, 2006, age 66. He was a contract lawyer for Boeing.

Terrence C. Tindall BS ’71, MA ’74, September 7, 2006, age 59. He taught special education and served as a school psychologist in Yuma, Arizona. 

Maureen Karigan-Goodrich MA ’72, August 4, 2006, age 59. She was a special education teacher in Lake Oswego and Tuality high schools.

Sally Pierce Sandy BS ’73, September 9, 2006, age 55.

Sarah St. John Creswell BA ’76, July 23, 2006, age 51. She met her husband-to-be, Jeff Creswell BA ’76, during her first year at Lewis & Clark. She taught for Portland Public Schools over 16 years at nine elementary schools.

Michael Thomas Muñiz JD ’78, September 30, 2006. In private practice Muñiz specialized in immigration law. He received many honors for his work, including the 2005 Gerald H. Robinson Excellence in Advocacy Award from the Oregon chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He was a founding member of Scholarships for Oregon Latinos, a program to assist Hispanic students in their education. 


Eric K. Manning BA ’81, August 28, 2006, age 47. A clinical psychologist, he was active in social service agencies in Santa Barbara, California.

Debra “Debi” Anderson JD ’88, July 9, 2006, age 49. Anderson practiced law with Schulte Anderson and was active in the Oregon State Bar New Lawyers Division, where she founded several community service programs. Beginning in 1996, she shifted her focus from her profession to her family and community activities. She was named Bridlemile Elementary Volunteer of the Year in 2005 and was honored with a Bridlemile Heart of the Community Award in 2006. 


Linda Algar JD ’94, April 16, 2006, age 62.

Elizabeth “Lisa” Diane Geary JD ’96, June 28, 2006, age 51. A member of the bar since 1997, she had practiced in both Oregon and Washington.