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Staying in balance

November 14, 2011

Pamplin Sports Center

Athletics are just one facet of the rich and diverse opportunities in Student Life at Lewis & Clark. Complementing students’ rigorous academic coursework, extracurricular offerings make Lewis & Clark an active and intellectually engaging place to live and learn. 

In the responses below, student-athletes discuss their rewarding commitments to research, community service, internships, and other activities.

margaretMargaret Dowling ’12

Hometown: Burlingame, California
Major: biology, pre-med program

Besides playing two sports and being a full time pre-med student, I am also the Co-Chair of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, a Student Athlete Mentor, and a member of the Athletics Advisory Board. I have also had two paid summer internships: one as a neuroscience research assistant at OHSU and one at a physical therapy clinic in Lake Oswego, Oregon. I learned of both of these jobs through separate contacts that I had made through the athletic department. I have plenty of friends who have received jobs or huge opportunities in a similar fashion. The job market is all about who you know, and Lewis & Clark provides a very large network of people eager to help.

brandisBrandis Piper ’12

Hometown: Hillsboro, Oregon
Major: history

My work with Special Olympics Oregon and with children with cancer has completely changed my outlook on life and has made me appreciate how blessed I am. Some of the most amazing people I have ever met have been at these events, and I have become a better person thanks to my interactions with them. The ability to create relationships with all different people based on different clubs I have been involved in is something that will never leave me. It is amazing to fully immerse yourself into different people’s culture and get to know a multitude of people because it gives you insights and perspectives that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

nevaNeva Hauser ’12

Hometown: Palo Alto, California
Major: psychology

Being in the orchestra and advancing my love and commitment to music is something that I am so grateful for. I have had musical opportunities that I never thought I would be able to have. For example, marimba was one of the most amazing classes I have ever taken, and I don’t think I would have been able to take it if it weren’t for Lewis & Clark.

danielDaniel Shaver ’13                 

Hometown: Sewanee, Tennessee
Major: biochemistry and molecular biology

One of the reasons I chose Lewis & Clark was the opportunity to do relevant research as an undergraduate. That chance appeared last spring when I began to work with Professor Janis Lochner, studying what happens at the cellular level when long-term memories form. Beyond the “cool factor” of making brain cells glow, it’s exciting to study something for which no one yet has the answers. I never imagined myself studying neuroscience before college, but my experiences in the lab are bringing me closer and closer to trying to incorporate it into a career.

rileyRiley Mitchell ’12

Hometown: Aloha, Oregon
Major: biology

Being an admissions tour guide for the college is one of the most rewarding and fun jobs on campus. My first year at the job was last year, and it paid off. Some of the students who were on my tours last year—who are now first-year students—have come up to me and said, “Hey Riley, you were my tour guide!” It is a really great feeling that I helped them with their decision to come to Lewis & Clark.

alisonAlison Fankhauser ’12

Hometown: Tacoma, Washington
Major: math and chemistry double major

As a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, I really enjoy giving back to our immediate and surrounding communities.




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