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Lewis & Clark Extends Its Run as a Top Fulbright Producer

For the seventh time in 10 years, Lewis & Clark has been named one of the top producers of Fulbright Award winners in the country, according to the U.S. Department of State. With four Fulbright grants in 2023–24, Lewis & Clark is in the Top 50 baccalaureate producers of student Fulbrights in the nation.

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L&C Student-Athletes Score New Resources for Mental Health

Lewis & Clark’s Mental Health Validation Program (MVP) brings counseling services, mental health workshops, student-athlete peer support groups, and more to the college’s student-athletes.

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Language and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa

Lewis & Clark’s 10th annual student-run Middle East and North African Studies Symposium will explore the relationship between language and politics in the region. The symposium, which takes place February 27 to 29, provides an opportunity for students to showcase their research and hear from outside speakers and scholars.

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43rd Annual Gender Studies Symposium Focuses on Digital Technology and the Internet

This year’s Gender Studies Symposium will examine the ways in which digital technology, internet platforms, and online spaces have shaped and been shaped by understandings and expressions of gender and sexuality. The symposium runs from March 6 to 8.

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A Puppet? A Wolf? Boxing? It’s ‘Wolf Play’!

Wolf Play, which opens March 8 on Lewis & Clark’s Main Stage, is directed by Suhaila Meera, assistant professor of theatre. With the help of a puppet, boxing moves, and wolf pack metaphors, the play explores issues of family, parenting, community, survival, and love.