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Building the Citisphere

  • On the opening day of the Environmental Affairs Symposium, members of the Lewis & Clark community took part in a special hands-on workshop led by James Rojas, an urban planner and the founder of the Latino Urban Forum. He helped participants plan their own “urban spaces” out of hair rollers, pieces of yarn, Lincoln Logs, corks, bottle caps, and much more.

This city is becoming one of Earth’s most important environments, yet it has commanded limited attention in traditional environmental discourse. Last fall’s 14th annual Environmental Affairs Symposium, titled Citisphere, sought to change that by exploring the diverse character, mechanisms, and roles of cities in biophysical and social systems at all scales.

Guest speakers included Janice Perlman, founder and president of the Mega-Cities Project, a nonprofit geared toward sharing innovative solutions to problems in large cities, and LuĂ­s Bettencourt, a research scientist who studies the structure and dynamics of complex systems at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Santa Fe Institute.

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