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Pioneers Share Their Plans

May 24, 2012

  • Kevin Carpenter

Pamplin Sports Center

Our graduating student-athletes talk about memories—and the future.


Kevin CarpenterKevin Carpenter
Football, Track and Field

Carpenter majored in psychology. He has always been interested in how the brain works, and he plans on finding a job in the field of human-computer interaction. “It mixes psychology and technology,” Carpenter said. He loved the entire experience with his teams and was proud that they continued to improve throughout his four years. Carpenter will miss the scenery, sports, cohesiveness of students and faculty, and the college itself.

Dane ParkerParker Dane

Dane chose to study economics because it was the closest thing to a business degree at Lewis & Clark. He plans on going to graduate school to earn an M.BA, specializing in accounting.


Margaret DowlingMargaret Dowling
Basketball, Volleyball

Dowling majored in psychology, with a focus in health and medicine. She chose psychology because she was interested in human interaction and what drives individuals to think and act the way they do. Dowling has lined up a job working as a medical scribe for the Legacy Health System in Portland. “I have made so many connections, friends, and acquaintances that I really value and I hope to keep those relationships strong after I leave,” she said.

Matt KarshMatt Karsh

Karsh was a history major and religious studies minor. “Studying history, I’ve had the privilege of learning about what makes us who we are,” he said. Karsh plans on continuing his education, seeking a master’s degree in divinity from Western Seminary in southeast Portland. At the completion of his studies, he plans on becoming a National Guard chaplain. Lewis & Clark athletics have also played a huge role in his experience at Lewis & Clark. “My favorite memory was the game my junior year when we beat UPS. One of my best friends—and roommate—Chris Kelly picked up a fumble and returned it for a touchdown to seal our victory. It’s a moment I will remember vividly for the rest of my life,” he said.

Louis MooreLouis Moore (pictured at left)

Moore chose to major in psychology because of his passion for the subject and his desire to pursue a career in clinical psychology and research. He plans to continue volunteering both in the research lab at OHSU and with the suicide and crisis hotline he worked with for his capstone experience. Moore is also in the process of applying for paid research positions, and he is planning on applying to programs in clinical psychology next year. “My favorite memories with my team were the perfect sunrises at practice, the times we would have perfect rows, and the feeling where you and seven other guys are completely synchronized and the boat is running superfast,” he said.

Natalie StrattonNatalie Stratton

Stratton was an economics and psychology double major. Her desire to go into business and get her M.BA led her to the economics major, while her Introduction to Psychology class with Professor Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell led her to her second major. Stratton is moving to the East Coast with her boyfriend and plans on finding a consulting job that fits both of her majors.


This is an adaptation of an article by Fiona Corner ’12 that originally appeared in the April 20, 2012, edition of The Pioneer Log.

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