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President Glassner explores reintegration after overseas study in op-ed

July 31, 2012

Lewis & Clark is a school known for sending our students abroad, with nearly two-thirds of our undergraduates participating in our overseas programs.

But what happens when these students return to campus is just as important as what they experience around the globe, a topic that President Barry Glassner explores in a recent editorial for the Huffington Post.

As Glassner says, “If these students and their classmates on campus are going to benefit fully from international study, it’s essential that we help them process—and share—their experiences once they’re back.”

At Lewis & Clark, this means connecting returning students with academic advisors for one-on-one consultations and creating courses tailored to students who have studied abroad. We also encourage study-abroad veterans to apply their international experiences to their senior theses, tutor foreign-language students, assist at pre-trip orientations for classmates, or work in our Overseas and Off-Campus Programs office.

“The overseas study experience does not end when students come back to campus,” Glassner says. “Returning students have a great deal to offer—and we should give them every chance to become teachers as well as learners.”

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