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Student blends philosophy studies, modeling career

August 09, 2012

Isaac Ekblad ’13 was sitting in a local coffee shop, cramming for a test when he was “discovered.”

At the time, Ekblad declined the invitation to become a model. But now, three years later, he’s flying high for fashion house Givenchy while staying grounded as a philosophy major at Lewis & Clark.

In a conversation with New York Magazine, Ekblad proves that models can be both smart and centered. He’s currently reading The New Jim Crow and cites The Brothers Karamazov as a favorite. Says Ekblad, “[Dostoyevsky’s] books…really plumb the heart and depths of the human soul. He develops characters that you can really imagine.”

When asked if he’s “too smart to model,” Ekblad is quick to defend his colleagues. “Really, modeling, I don’t think it’s super easy. You have to learn what you look like in front of the camera, how the light hits your face, what your features are. But no, guys like [my friend and fellow model] Hampus Lück, they read a lot. The ones who do well are the ones you see sitting in the corner, reading, focused. We go out to the club, and then we talk about existentialism.”

Ekblad plans to return to Lewis & Clark this fall and to attend law school or graduate school for a Ph.D. in philosophy after graduating. 

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