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President Glassner encourages “constructive engagement” for new college parents

August 27, 2012

Rather than discouraging “helicopter parents” from being involved with the lives of their new college students, President Barry Glassner suggests channeling their energy into constructive engagement in this Washington Post commentary.

As Glassner says, “College is a time when parents can grant their children the precious opportunity to take responsibility as they develop into independent young men and women, fully prepared to be productive and engaged citizens.”

During the college years, students develop social and survival skills that serve them long into the future and Glassner encourages parents to stay closely connected.

“Parents can help by gently pushing their children to embrace complexity and diversity and to stretch the limits of their comfort zones,” Glassner says. “Young people need advice and encouragement to take advantage of the remarkable learning and social opportunities available in college. Parents are often best at providing that support.”

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