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Lewis & Clark’s New Global Law Certificate

The law school’s new India program is a centerpiece of Lewis & Clark’s Global Law Program, which is strong and growing. Recently, the program added a global law certificate to its offerings. The certificate gives students the opportunity to specialize and enter practice with a credential in the field. Students can also integrate global law courses with other areas of interest. In a global economy, even lawyers practicing exclusively in the United States are likely to have cases with international aspects.

Global law includes the following areas:

  • Public international law, including human rights and the conduct of sovereign states
  • International business law
  • International dispute resolution, which covers disputes between parties from different countries
  • International environmental law
  • Comparative law, the study of similarities and differences between countries’ laws

 A strong global law program, including the new certificate, will help attract top law students from across the country—and around the world.

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