College Launches Online Alumni Directory

College Launches Online Alumni Directory

Wondering where old classmates have wandered off to? Want to get in touch with someone from your college or law school days?


Lewis & Clark’s new online directory for undergraduate and law school alumni can help.


Before we launch the directory, we want to make sure the information we have is accurate. We’re asking you to update your secure personal profile—and choose your privacy settings. Later, we’ll open up the directory to all alums.


You’ll be able to search by name, class year, major, overseas trip, employer—and more. Of course, you’ll always be able to restrict who sees your personal information.


About Privacy

Protecting the privacy of alumni is important to Lewis & Clark. We also want to help you get back in touch with each other. These are competing goals, but we’ve established an appropriate balance between them in the directory.


You can define a privacy preference for each piece of data. For example, you might make your home address and phone number available to all alumni, but give employment information only to your classmates. Each piece of data can be made available to all alumni, no alumni, just your class, or just your era (which includes three years before and after your class year).


Directory information won’t be available to alumni until late August. We suggest that you log into the directory before then and set your own privacy preferences, or call us and let the alumni staff enter your information. Of course, you’ll always be able to change your settings whenever you like.


Frequently Asked Questions


How might I use the online directory?


  • Get in touch with long-lost friends.


  • Find Lewis & Clark alums who live near you and make new friends.


  • Establish a network of professional contacts within or outside of your field.


  • Search for law alumni by legal practice area.


What information is in the directory?

Your name, class year, major, student activities, College sports, home address, and home phone number, as well as your employer’s name, address, and phone number.


How do I change my personal profile?

Once you’re logged into the alumni directory, it will be easy to update your information and change your personal privacy settings. In addition to providing the basics (name, address, and phone number), you’ll be able to add information about your college activities, overseas trips, and more.


How do I get in touch with people who have hidden their contact information?

Send them your profile and ask them to contact you. It’s easy. Simply click on the “get in touch” link on their profile page.


What is Lewis & Clark doing to prevent spam?


  • The directory is password-protected and only alumni will have access.


  • Users will be able to look at no more than 70 records per week. This limit is high enough to be useful to alumni, but low enough to hinder spammers—who prefer to harvest e-mail addresses in batches of thousands.