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National Radio Series With OPB

December 13, 2004

Don’t touch that dial! Lewis & Clark and Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) are planning to produce a national radio series about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

The $315,000 grant will enable the College and OPB to jointly produce a 13-part radio series titled New Voices on the Journey: The Lewis and Clark Expedition. The first episode, “Mysteries of the Lewis and Clark Expedition,” is scheduled for national distribution in May. The remaining one-hour episodes will be produced and distributed through 2005.

“Radio is an appropriate medium through which we can investigate the humanities themes that inspired the expedition,” says Sherry Manning, director of the College’s bicentennial programs. “We look forward to this opportunity to help people think about the Lewis and Clark story in a new and more insightful way.”

Source material for the radio series will include conferences and symposia organized by the College, local and national scholars, the College’s renowned collection of Lewis and Clark Expedition literature, and interviews with scholars and others.

A Web site will be maintained during the radio project to give listeners previews of upcoming programs, to test elements being developed for a companion DVD, to get inside stories from experts working on the radio project and, in general, to serve as a one-stop resource for Lewis and Clark bicentennial activity. 

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