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Class News - 1960s

December 12, 2005


Robert “Bert” Knupp ’62 recently became a training specialist with the metropolitan Department of Human Resources in Nashville, Tennessee. He is married to Marylou Robello Knupp ’65.


Reid Ferriss ’63 recently retired from Portland’s David Douglas High School, where he taught accounting and computer applications. He is busy traveling to see his children and grandchildren. Periodically, Ferriss volunteers with Habitat for Humanity around the country and in Portland; he says it allows him to learn all the manual arts he missed while devoting himself to academics. He carries the banner for the Get a Life Marching Band and practices yoga, tai chi, and Pilates.


Arts & Sciences 40th Reunion
Oct. 14-16, 2005

Marylou Robello Knupp ’65 has been promoted to quality assurance examiner in the Disability determination Section of the Tennessee Department of Human Services. She is married to Robert “Bert” Knupp ’62.


Ann Larive Magill ’66 retired in 2004 after 27 years as an English teacher and school librarian. She then launched into “full-time volunteering, learning, and practicing gratitude and frivolity.” She hopes to keep alive the love of learning, play, and justice that she developed at Lewis & Clark.


Sharon Thresher Northe ’67, M.A.T. ’71 became conductor of the Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra in 2003.

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