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October 08, 2012

  • Photo by Mark Loyola '16

With more than 70 student organizations, Lewis & Clark offers an array of opportunities for students to explore everything from film to fencing, slam poetry to parkour.

“Student autonomy is an incredibly unique part of LC,” said Miles Paterson, chief justice of the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC). “Students have such an incredible amount of freedom to make their clubs or organization work without influence from the administration.”

Comprising seven students with different majors, backgrounds, and interests, the ASLC Cabinet supports student organizations and facilitates communication between the student body and the administration. In exchange for their service, these students gain experience in management and finance, as well as a special appreciation of our lively student community.

Learn more about the current ASLC cabinet and Lewis & Clark’s student activities in the Q&A below. 

How did you decide to attend Lewis & Clark?

Callie: When the LC Admissions office called my house and my cell phone to remind me to complete my overdue application, I knew there was something different about this institution. After finishing my application and a little more research about LC, I declined my other offers on a whim and took a spot on the Lewis & Clark waitlist. Luckily, it worked out well—so well, that my younger sister now attends Lewis & Clark as well.

Robin: When I was touring colleges, I couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling Lewis & Clark was the right place for me. I liked how the students all seemed to be motivated to make things happen. Every organization I was introduced to seemed to be student run and organized, and I loved that. I was also attracted to the student involvement not just on campus but also in the Portland community, and I really valued that concept of getting out into the world beyond the academic realm.

Sara: I applied to many schools, but Lewis & Clark was just the best fit. I was really enticed by the study abroad programs here, which definitely helped sway my decision to attend. I also knew that I wanted to live in Portland, so I was specifically looking into schools here, and of course Lewis & Clark is the best in Portland.

What clubs or activities have you participated in?

Justin: I have been a member of the Finance Committee, LCMC (Lewis & Clark Music Coalition), the Society of Economists, Climbing club, and Ski club. I am also the student representative to the College of Arts and Sciences Budget Advisory Committee.

Robin: I spend a lot of time as a member of Artemis, the women’s ultimate Frisbee team. It’s a great team; we travel to tournaments all over the Pacific Northwest and have a lot of fun together.

Miles: I am an avid rock climber, and I have participated in activities with the Gaming Society and Physics Club. I try to stay as nerdy as possible.

What is the most interesting event at Lewis & Clark and why?

Hannah: I always really enjoy attending Dance X. It’s amazing to see all the talent LC has.

Callie: The Glowdeo is pretty unique—I mean, it’s a glow-in-the-dark rodeo.

Justin: The student-run International Affairs Symposium is one of our most outstanding and unique events. We have had first-rate speakers from all over the world.

What inspired you to get involved in ASLC, and how will this leadership experience help you after graduation?

Xander: I got started with ASLC with my pal Miles because I was interested in how the school really worked. It’s a really privileged position, getting to see how something as big as a college runs, and having a say in it. Knowing how to talk to grown-ups on a professional level is going to be a big takeaway for me from this. 

Hannah: I did leadership all four years of high school. I always find leadership experiences to be extremely beneficial towards becoming the best version of you that you can be. You learn how to organize, speak in front of others, plan events, delegate responsibility, manage time, respect others’ opinions, and gain confidence in yourself—just to name a few benefits! All these skills are things one can use to improve their personal or professional lives.

Justin: I joined the Finance Committee within the first few weeks of my first year and never looked back. I enjoy being involved in the inner workings of Lewis & Clark and I have learned a lot. From organizing events to allocating the student fee money, I have gained valuable skills in how to work with people to run an organization.

What are your plans for the future?

Callie: If all goes well, I will hopefully be on the Lewis & Clark law campus in 2014—or working for the United Nations and continuing studies of international law and political science.

Robin: After graduation I’m planning to pursue a career in arts administration. This may mean working at a museum, residency program, community art organization, or anything else really. As long as I get to travel and spend my time surrounded by the creative, I’m happy!

Miles: Plans for the future! Scary question, however I do have some ideas. I would LOVE to travel, and teach outside of the U.S., and also I would like to join the world of physics research. Immediate future: graduate school.

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