April 17, 2013

President’s student engagement scholarship winners announced

President Glassner has announced the winners of the President’s Scholarship for Academic Engagement—Eva Ramey, Kelsey Kahn, Lily Clarke, and Jordan Anderson.

President Glassner has announced the winners of the President’s Scholarship for Academic Engagement—Lewis & Clark sophomores Eva Ramey, Kelsey Kahn, Lily Clarke, and Jordan Anderson.

Launched last year, the student engagement scholarship provides $5,000 to students with sophomore standing for use in their junior year. It is renewable for the senior year based on continued excellence.

The scholarship honors students for exemplary engagement with the liberal arts inside and outside the classroom. The award is meant to recognize students who are especially vigorous in their engagement with the full liberal arts experience and to encourage them in their continued devotion to that endeavor.

The students’ proposed projects cover a wide range of topics and disciplines. Jordan Anderson will make an hour-long documentary with an original soundtrack. The film will focus on the relationship between education and generational differences, creating an entertaining and informative way to foster dialogue about the way we approach education.

Lily Clarke will use her passion for environmental biology to explore the role fungi play in a damaged environment. An ecosystem heals at a surprisingly fast rate after being ravaged by a wildfire, she says, and her experiment will investigate the role fire morels may play in the reparation of a fire-damaged ecosystem.

Kelsey Kahn will investigate hydrologic changes in the local watershed and how policymakers respond to these changes, with focus on hydroelectric power and dam deconstruction in the Pacific Northwest. She hopes to also gain insight on how legislation is proposed, evaluated, reformed, and adopted.

Eva Ramey will explore the diverse perspectives held by stakeholders about marine resources in order to shed light on the local and global implications of the practice of marine ecosystem conservation. Ramey’s goal is to educate herself and others about marine conservation and to provide suggestions on improving marine policies and conservation strategies.

A committee made up of Associate Professor of English Will Pritchard, Assistant Professor in International Affairs Cari Coe, Professor of Chemistry Julio De Paula, and Professor of Environmental Studies Jim Proctor reviewed the applications and advised President Glassner in selecting the awardees this year.

“These four exceptional students have diverse academic interests and cocurricular pursuits, but they also have much in common,” President Glassner said. “They’re talented, accomplished, engaged, and committed. And, in those ways, they model the kind of education Lewis & Clark provides, and the kind of students we attract and teach.”

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