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Ready for the World

May 07, 2013

As we approach commencement, seniors naturally reflect on their time at Lewis & Clark and what the future holds.

Wade Higgins ’13

Venture competition finalist with House of Tayo

Major: International affairs
Hometown: Mill Valley, California

Lewis & Clark has massively changed my worldview. Faculty and students have helped inform that, and my study-abroad experiences in Italy and Morocco opened my eyes in a way that nothing on campus ever could. If you get the chance to study abroad, DO IT!

My immediate goal after graduation is to continue my career with Tesla Motors. In the long term, I’d like to continue my career with Tesla and start my own business. Entrepreneurship is too much fun—and life is too short—not to.

Gretchen Vietmeier ’13

Chair of the Campus Activities Board and a resident adviser

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Elias Brockman ’13

Senior speaker at commencement

Majors: Political science and philosophy
Hometown: Salem, Oregon

When I came here as a first-year student, I expected my classes to be entertaining and my friendships to be fun. I saw my education as an opportunity to pursue happiness. Since that time, I’ve learned that there are goals even more worthwhile, such as relationships and knowledge. I’ve become more serious, more disciplined, and more reflective about what I believe and why. I have a better understanding of what I stand for, and what I hope to achieve.

Neha Kumthekar ’13

Vice president for the 2011 Lewis & Clark International Fair

Majors: Psychology and rhetoric and media studies
Hometown: Mumbai, India

The international fair and the race monologues were the most memorable and pivotal points in my life at Lewis & Clark. The opportunity to organize the international fair allowed for professional growth—I polished my leadership, communication, social, and organizational skills, and strengthened my ability to work as a team player. Participating in the race monologues challenged me to think about deeper diversity issues and facilitated a process for navigating through personal identity questions.

Julia Huggins ’13

Member of Professor Peter Kennedy’s fungal ecology lab and a College Outdoors leader

Major: Biology
Hometown: Dover, New Hampshire

Photo by Hannah Prince '13, photo editor for The Pioneer LogPhoto by Hannah Prince '13, photo editor for The Pioneer Log

Lamar Curry ’13

Two-sport athlete in football and track

Major: Biology
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

I chose to study biology to fulfill my pre-med requirements, and my favorite class was neuroanatomy. It was my first time studying neuronal connectivity to that detail, and it really sparked a new interest for me. After graduation, I plan to get into the medical field and hopefully become a physician. Until then, I might give biology research a chance.

Claire Askew ’13

Major: English
Hometown: Lenexa, Kansas

Writing my thesis felt like the culmination of four years of work and growth. Not just academically but personally, as much of what I argue in my thesis resonates with me deeply—that uncertainty can be a good thing, that we can find the numinous in the quotidian, that the best community is one formed when people are their most authentic selves.

Matthew Tratos ’13

Actor, director, and student leader

Major: Theatre
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Commencement 2013 Academics

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