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Senior Profile: Neha Kumthekar ’13

May 09, 2013

Neha Kumthekar ’13

Major: Psychology and rhetoric and media studies
Hometown: Mumbai, India

What did you major in and why?

The curiosity to understand human behavior and the constant sense of discovery of how information is absorbed and interpreted by people, coupled with my passion for creativity, has led me to pursue a double major in psychology and rhetoric and media studies.

How has your time here changed you or your view of the world?

I always saw the Lewis & Clark community as a curry. In a curry, all the ingredients have their individual tastes, but when blended together, they create a unique product.

Like every ingredient of a curry, people coming from different backgrounds add distinct flavor to our community. These unique backgrounds at Lewis & Clark allowed me the freedom to explore new ideas by not only contributing to, but also engaging in, different perspectives.

Furthermore, I always thought that self-confidence was the golden key to success, but during my four years at Lewis & Clark, I have realized that self-confidence is good, but not always the most important. Often it is the confidence from others that makes a difference to your life and it is built through interactions over a period of time. As I leave this place, I can proudly say that Lewis & Clark has allowed me to grow into an intellectually mature global citizen.

What was your favorite activity (event, club, volunteer experience, etc.)?

The 2011 Lewis & Clark International Fair and the race monologues were the most memorable and pivotal points in my life at Lewis & Clark. The opportunity to organize the international fair allowed for professional growth—I polished my leadership, communication, social, and organizational skills, and strengthened my ability to work as a team player. Participating in the race monologues challenged me to think about deeper diversity issues and facilitated a process for navigating through personal identity questions.

What are your goals after graduation, and how do you think you’ll use your degree?

My education at Lewis & Clark has made me realize the value of education. I plan to use my interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts to contribute to my country’s development by making education accessible to every child in India. Specifically, I would like to use my critical thinking skills to create more awareness about children with learning disabilities and design creative curricula to enhance their cognitive and social skills.

What advice would you give to future Pioneers?

Exploration and discovery is not just our mission, but a reality. Take this opportunity to identify your potentials and “make things happen.”

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