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Leader in Sustainability

August 14, 2013

Lewis & Clark is one of the greenest schools in the nation, according to a prestigious ”and growing list of organizations.


Sustainability at Lewis & Clark  Environmental Studies Program

  • Our diverse overseas programs offer students opportunities to see the complex ways ecology, economy, and equity interact in locations around the globe.

  • We have reduced emissions by more than 30 percent since 2006, besting Portland’s 2009 Climate Action Plan ahead of schedule.

  • One hundred percent of the electricity we use is generated by “green power” sources.

  • Students participate in groups such as SEED (Students Engaged in Eco-Defense) and SABER (Student Advocates for Business and Environmental Responsibility), as well as Lewis & Clark’s sustainability council.

  • At Lewis & Clark, all new buildings must be built to LEED Gold standards.

  • We have the only law school clinic in the country focusing on international law and environmental issues.

  • Our Teacher Education Program trains educators in local school districts to teach about sustainability issues.

  • Two student gardens provide opportunities to engage in alternative farming and gardening practices.

  • A bike-sharing program, recently funded by Lewis & Clark’s Green Fee Fund, gives students access to bikes, safety gear, and training.

  • About a quarter of the food we serve on campus is grown within 100 miles of Lewis & Clark.

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