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Salmon Safe Certification

February 12, 2014

This fall, Lewis & Clark became the first private college to achieve Salmon-Safe certification. Salmon-Safe is a third-party, peer-reviewed certification program that links land management practices with the protection of agricultural and urban watersheds.

The certification efforts, begun in fall 2012, have been led by the campus-wide Sustainability Council and the Office of Facilities Services. The Salmon-Safe program supports Lewis & Clark’s efforts to be a leader in sustainability, create hands-on learning opportunities for students, partner with local and regional organizations, and further promote the health and beauty of our natural landscape.

Dan Kent, director of Salmon-Safe, says, “Lewis & Clark was singled out by our expert assessment team as one of the most exceptional campuses we’ve evaluated to date with respect to managing 137 acres to conserve habitat and protect downstream water quality.”

Salmon-Safe certification is a five-year process of continual improvement that will be visible on and off campus. During 2014, work will continue, including implementation of pesticide-free landscape practices and removal of invasive species.

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