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Native Habitat Revitalization

July 03, 2014

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To promote habitat health and fulfill the requirements of our Salmon Safe certification program, we are enhancing the native habitat in the forests surrounding our property, beginning with removing the invasive plant species. Removing these exotic weeds is important to improving the biodiversity of our native habitat and health of our waterways. Removal methods vary with species and season and will include hand pulling or cutting, use of motorized equipment, and herbicide spraying. Once removal is complete, native plants will begin to regain ground in these areas and additional native species will be planted as needed. The entire project will take approximately three years, extend to each campus, and will engage students, faculty, staff as well as community partners.

Questions, concerns? Would you like to get involved?

Contact Amy Dvorak at or 503-768-7794. Please also follow our progress on Twitter @DvorakAmy @Facilties13 or #LCivyout or on the project website.

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