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For students, the good life is far more than material goods

October 22, 2009

Student organizers for the 2009 Environmental Affairs Symposium are asking people to contemplate the concept of “the good life” and how we can each integrate our definition of it into a shared vision of ecological and social good for the world.

In this video, students and staff reflect on the term “the good life” and what it means to them.


2009 Environmental Affairs Symposium: Reimagining the Good Life

October 27-29

Environmentalism often focuses on the bad things people do—burning fossil fuels, destroying biodiversity—but change is not just about doing less bad: we also need to reconstruct a larger vision of the good life in the midst of these crises to guide our hope and hard work for a better future.

The symposium, which is free and open to the public, will bring together religious leaders, political commentators, artists, environmentalists and scholars to reimagine the concept of the “good life.”

The keynote speaker is Riane Eisler, author of the well-known Chalice and the Blade and, most recently, The Real Wealth of Nations.

View the complete schedule for location information and descriptions of each session.


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