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April 29, 2015

From Left to Right: Jennifer Hubbert, Rishona Zimring, President Barry Glassner, Lorry Lokey, Jan...From Left to Right: Jennifer Hubbert, Rishona Zimring, President Barry Glassner, Lorry Lokey, Janis Lochner, Štĕpán Šimek.

Lewis & Clark faculty have long been known for their innovative approaches to instruction and ongoing commitment to working closely with students. Business Wire founder Lorry Lokey has honored the quality of our professors by endowing the Lorry Lokey Faculty Excellence Awards. This year’s winners are Jennifer Hubbert, Janis Lochner, Štĕpán Šimek, and Rishona Zimring.

By providing public recognition and financial support, the Lorry Lokey Faculty Excellence Awards help sustain Lewis & Clark’s commitment to recruiting, retaining, and rewarding outstanding faculty. Recipients are selected for their inspired teaching, rigorous scholarship, demonstrated leadership, and creative accomplishments.

At this spring’s award ceremony, the 2015 award winners were introduced by some of the many students they have inspired:

Jennifer Hubbert
Associate Professor of Anthropology

“The first class with her, on popular culture and public protest in China, remains one of my favorites. She pushed us to think and rethink all of the issues, representations, power structures, memories, and histories of China through the theories of staple anthropologists. And here’s one of the most powerful things she has taught me: Never believe that you have it all figured out. I still hear—and always will—Jennifer saying, “Well, what if we think about the ways in which that actually isn’t the case?” or, “How might there be something entirely different going on?” That constant thinking and rethinking is the hallmark of an anthropological education, a liberal arts education, and a Lewis & Clark education.” — Celestina DiMauro ’15

Janis Lochner
Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. Professor of Science

“Janis could have stopped at simply sculpting intellectual ability in her students, but she has dedicated herself to so much more. She provides guidance, knowledge, and tools, but she also gives us the independence to make mistakes. She demands an enormous amount of effort, but she understands human limits—and she works just as hard as we do to ensure that we’re able to succeed. And even though her students don’t have as much scientific background as she does, she places great trust in our abilities and values our opinions.” — Daniel Shaver ’13

Štĕpán Šimek
Professor of Theatre

“If I had to pick one piece of wisdom out of the numerous lessons Štĕpán has taught me, it would be this: In theatre, and in life, in order to reach your full potential, you cannot let the idea of failure or a preoccupation with doing things “right” prevent you from taking risks.” —Charlotte Markle ’15

Rishona Zimring
Professor of English

“Rishona’s eloquence both in and out of the classroom is something universally admired by her students. There was no one better to teach me about sophistication of delivery and speaking with clarity and grace. The freedom she gives us to imagine and creatively engage with literature is matched by her insistence that we present our ideas with style and sophistication. Rishona’s almost otherworldly brilliance and composure does not come at the expense of her warmth and accessibility as a professor. She teaches by example and generously provides her students with time and attention as we rehearse and shape our thoughts into lucid ideas.” —Marissa Fenley ’13

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