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Student-athlete CJ Appleton has no time to waste

October 16, 2015

At 30 years old, Carl “CJ” Appleton’s age alone puts him in the nontraditional college student category. But CJ’s story­, which includes many highs and lows, defies typical labels.

A transfer student—he earned a 3.9 GPA at Portland Community College before coming to Lewis & Clark last spring—CJ is also a two-sport student-athlete. As a Pioneer, he plays tight end on the football team and starting forward on the men’s basketball team.

“I consider C.J. an unbelievable person,” L&C football coach Jay Locey told the Portland Tribune in a story recently published about CJ. “He is one of the most enjoyable players I’ve ever coached. He has a new lease on life, and he’s living it in a big way.”

As a sociology/anthropology major with an eye toward future studies at our Graduate School of Education and Counseling, CJ’s Lewis & Clark story is still being written.

Read CJ’s story in the Portland Tribune.

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