October 11, 2016

Faculty Excellence

The 2016 Lorry Lokey Awards honor three outstanding professors.

<strong>Dean Catherine Gunther Kodat, Professor Kundai Chirindo, Lorry Lokey, President and Professor Barry Glassner, Professor Pauls Toutonghi, and Professor Greta Binford.</strong> Dean Catherine Gunther Kodat, Professor Kundai Chirindo, Lorry Lokey, President and Professor Barry Glassner, Professor Pauls Toutonghi, and Professor Greta Binford.


Lewis & Clark faculty have long been known for their innovative approaches to teaching and their ongoing commitment to working closely with students. Business Wire founder Lorry Lokey has invested in the quality of our professors by funding the Lorry Lokey Faculty Excellence Awards. This year’s winners are Greta Binford, Kundai Chirindo, and Pauls Toutonghi.

By providing public recognition and financial support, the Lorry Lokey Faculty Excellence Awards help sustain Lewis & Clark’s commitment to recruiting, retaining, and rewarding outstanding faculty. Recipients are selected for their inspired teaching, rigorous scholarship, demonstrated leadership, and creative accomplishments.

In 2015 Lokey made a $2 million gift to permanently endow the Faculty Excellence Fund in his name. This year he announced an additional generous gift to be used for the college’s highest needs and priorities.

At the awards ceremony, President Glassner said, “We are celebrating these three distinguished professors, and indeed, all of our faculty and students. And we are celebrating the man whose generosity champions the power of education at Lewis & Clark. Lorry Lokey has said, ‘I was brought up to share charitable gifts. I give where I can make things happen.’ He invests in us because he knows that we are making the world a better place.”

The 2016 award winners were introduced at the ceremony by some of the many students they have inspired:

Greta Binford

Associate Professor of Biology
“Greta has been absolutely essential to me during my time at Lewis & Clark. Without her generosity, constant support for my endeavors, and positive presence, I would not have achieved as much as I have today. She validates my decisions while still encouraging me to go beyond my comfort zone and try something new. Her passion for studying spiders, biodiversity, and evolution inspires me. As a woman in science, Greta is my number one role model.” — Sophia Horigan ’17

Kundai Chirindo

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Media Studies
“I can not think of a professor more deserving of this award. I’m constantly in awe of Kundai’s intelligence and humor. He’s passionate about the study of rhetoric and makes the topics relevant to our situations. Concepts that may have originated hundreds of years ago appear new when Kundai places them in present-day context. I am thankful for his patience and willingness to assist students both in and outside the classroom.” — Brooke McAllester ’18

Pauls Toutonghi

Associate Professor of English
“Pauls excels in teaching how to build narrative, craft dialogue, and communicate a story. But his guidance isn’t limited to the topic of writing—he also has an amazing ability to build lasting relationships with his students. His desire to see us grow as writers is rivaled only by his desire for us to grow as citizens. He opens up to each and every one of us, lets us know we are welcome in his classroom and in his world.” — Chris Bailey ’08

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