Tribute to Professor Lloyd Hulse

Tribute to Professor Lloyd Hulse

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Dr. Hulse [professor emeritus of Spanish, who died in June 2016]. He was my Spanish professor during my four years at Lewis & Clark. Like the late Vance Savage [professor emeritus of Spanish, who died in August 2015], he was instrumental in helping me develop a passion for learning, a desire to perfect my Spanish, and a yearning to expand my knowledge of Latin American studies.

I was fortunate to have taken a class from Dr. Hulse that would later become my all-time favorite: Intercultural Communication Between Latin America and the U.S. Now, more than ever, we would gain a lot to have him teach that class again.

Dr. Hulse was a true polyglot. I have never encountered anyone before or since with such a gift for learning languages. During my years at Lewis & Clark, I became friends with his daughter and had a peek at the Hulses’ family life. It was wonderful to see how dedicated he was to his wife and children.

As a student, I always seemed to gravitate back to Dr. Hulse and his classes. I was drawn to his talents both as a teacher and as a linguist. I am grateful to have had him as a professor and will miss him greatly.

Ginia Dorfman-Caristia BA ’82
Empoli, Italy