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History professor and Fulbright Scholar blogs about experiences in China

December 15, 2009

Associated Professor of History David Campion is spending the year as a visiting Fulbright Scholar in Hong Kong.

On his blog, Campion chronicles his travels in China, weaving his contemporary experiences and historical perspectives. Campion is working in Hong Kong with a group of professors from the United States, helping to develop general education programs.

“I am spending the year on a Fulbright scholarship specially designed to help Hong Kong universities make the transition from a three-year undergraduate curriculum to a four-year one,” he writes. “It is an ambitious undertaking in which we are involved and will undoubtedly require a lot of hard work. Yet, for me at least, this is the opportunity of a lifetime, both professionally and personally. I had always hoped to be able to visit Hong Kong and East Asia and now I will be able to live and work here for an entire year at an exciting time in the expansion of higher education in the city.”

Learn more about Campion’s experiences and observations on his blog.



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