Recap: Environmental Affairs Symposium

Fall Symposia

Fall Symposia

Environmental Engagement in Tough Times

Perhaps more than ever, environmental issues have become divisive terrain, prompting individuals, organizations, and leaders on all sides to mobilize and fight. These actions may be understandable, but they exacerbate the increasing fractures in American society, where people rarely talk to those with whom they disagree.

Lewis & Clark took a decidedly different approach during the 20th annual Environmental Affairs Symposium, held in October. The symposium, titled Environmental Engagement in Tough Times, discussed pressing issues related to affordable, sustainable housing and the environmental demands of the growing Portland region. The keynote event, Growth in Portland: Whose Livability? was held in collaboration with Oregon Humanities at the Ecotrust Building in downtown Portland. The symposium also included events for the L&C community to gain skills in environmental engagement and to prepare proposals for follow-up events and projects during the 2017–18 academic year.

This year’s cochairs were Julia Neish BA ’18, Juliana Prendergast BA ’20, Nicole Godbout BA ’20, Tarun Bishop BA ’18, and Arran Hashim BA ’20.