Mary Jean Thompson Knighted in Rome

Mary Jean Thompson

Mary Jean Thompson

Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici announced that Mary Jean Thompson—a notable fifth- generation Oregonian, highly-accomplished Lewis & Clark alumna, nationally renowned interior designer, and international diplomat—was inducted into the Knights of the Association Order of San Martino of the Mount of the Beatitudes in Rome on May 11, 2019.

Thompson was honored for her direct relation to three leaders of the First Crusade (1095–99): Hugh Magnus, Eustace III, and Stephen of Blois. She is also a descendant of two Crusader Kings: Fulk V, King of Jerusalem (1131–43), and Jean de Brienne, King of Jerusalem (1210–25).

“Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici is a direct descendant of the family that created the Renaissance and changed the world,” says Thompson. “In true family tradition, as leader of today’s Knights of San Martin, he has changed and elevated my life by choosing to knight me. What a beautiful gift!”

The knighting ceremony—complete with white robes and the famous red cross of Knights Templar—was held in the San Silvestro Chapel, built in the 14th century.