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Students and faculty reflect on overseas experiences in blogs

February 10, 2010

  • Big Ben and Westminster Palace, London (photo courtesy of Ethan Allred)

For nearly 50 years, Lewis & Clark students and faculty have participated in overseas study programs in destinations as diverse as Vietnam, Chile, Russia, Senegal, and Cuba.

Today, more than half of Lewis & Clark students participate in study abroad programs, and those cultural and academic experiences form an integral part of their overall college education. As they reflect on their experiences abroad, students and faculty are sharing their stories in blogs.

Two participants in the London program, senior Emily Stevens and sophomore Ethan Allred, are chronicling their experiences in a blog titled, “Emily and Ethan’s Excellent Adventures.”

In a recent post, Stevens discusses her initial reservations about participating in an overseas program during the spring semester of her senior year. Now that she’s abroad, though, her doubts have disappeared.

“In the three weeks I’ve been here, I’ve experienced more music, art, and theater than the three years I spent studying them at Lewis & Clark,” Stevens writes. “I have seen paintings that are hundreds of years old, music composed four days before its first concert and plays performed in tiny back rooms of pubs. I have spotted B-list movie stars, met a knight, and walked the same streets as T.S. Eliot and Freddie Mercury. Throughout all of this, I am learning that the differences between the US and the UK are greater than I originally thought, and my experiences with Brits are often confusing, awkward, and hilarious.”

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