December 08, 2020

International Affairs Major becomes West Linn’s Youngest City Councilor

Rory Bialostosky BA ’22 will become the youngest City Councilor for the city of West Linn, Oregon. He received the most votes in a field of ten candidates, securing one of the two open positions for a four year term. He plans to continue his undergraduate studies while serving on the city council.

By Yancee Gordon BA ’21 Rory Bialostosky BA '22, newly elected member of the West Linn City Council. Rory Bialostosky BA ’22, newly elected member of the West Linn City Council.

Update, March 2023

Rory is officially running for mayor of West Linn. The election is May 16, 2023.

Update, January 2023

Rory was appointed interim mayor of West Linn. The city will hold a special election in May to determine who will finish out the former mayor’s term, which ends January 1, 2025.

Update, February 2022

Rory was recently interviewed by OPB to reflect back on his first year as a city council member. Congratulations, Rory!

Rory Bialostosky BA ’22 has won his city council race in West Linn, Oregon. Coming in first in a field of ten candidates, Bialostosky will be the youngest city councilor in West Linn history. The international affairs major will continue his studies at Lewis & Clark while working on the city council.

“As a 21-year-old college student, I really wanted to break down the age barrier and inspire young people across the state to get involved in their communities,” said Bialostosky. “My city is facing many pressing issues over the next few years and I offer a fresh perspective that I think the community can get behind.”

Bialostosky has been politically active in his hometown since high school, where he advocated for greater student access to parking and increased transparency from the City Council. He hopes to continue this advocacy from his elected position, and increase local involvement in politics from all community members.

“I felt compelled to step into the race after watching how dysfunctional the current West Linn City Council has been over the past several years,” continued Bialostosky. “We need to make our meetings more efficient and rebuild our city’s reputation regionally.”

Bialostosky feels prepared to continue his studies while also working as a public official. His first order of business will be implementing police accountability policies. Long-term, he hopes to bring in opportunities for economic development and to advance the West Linn Waterfront Project.

“Lewis & Clark helped me develop the critical thinking and advocacy skills needed to tackle the complex issues and challenges that come with being an elected official,” said Bialostosky. “I ran because I have a vision for moving the city forward, making progress, making it a place where everyone feels safe.”

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