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Slideshow: Pamplin Society welcomes seven new members

November 19, 2008

  • The Pamplin Society of Fellows has chosen this year’s seven outstanding inductees to join the ranks of 21 students, more than 70 alumni, and four endowed professors. Membership is extended to seven students each year as they begin their second year at the College.
  • Rebecca Fitch is a biology major from Santa Cruz, California who loves spending time outdoors. She spent the last two summers working as a camp counselor at Camp Unalayee, where she taught wilderness skills to kids. Fitch will begin conducting research in professor Deborah Lycan’s lab this year and will be studying abroad in New Zealand this spring.
  • Riley Johnson is an English major from Montana with ambitions of literary stardom. From an early age, he had a passion for the printed word, and he enjoys reading works of magical realism, composing and performing music, and exploring the city of Portland.
  • Dieterich Lawson is from Lubbock, Texas, and he is interested in computer science. He spent last summer interning at Tyler Technologies, where he worked on software used to manage municipal court systems in many cities around the U.S. His other interests include biking, tinkering with electronics, and playing the harmonica.
  • Emily Nguyen is an environmental studies major from Portland, Oregon. She hopes to focus her studies on community sustainability where she will explore the connections between social, ecological, and economic sustainability in third-world countries. In her spare time, Nguyen enjoys riding her bike, hiking, and dj-ing on her KLC radio show.
  • Lili Pill-Kahan is a psychology major and gender studies minor from Valley Glen, California. She is on the board of Lewis & Clark Circle of Friends, a community service organization that enlists Lewis & Clark students to mentor students with special needs from a local high school, and she has also worked as art director at a summer camp for autistic children. Outside of the classroom, Pill-Kahan enjoys crafts like beading and crocheting as well as martial arts and various outdoor pursuits.
  • Leah Scott-Zechlin is an economics major from Brier, Washington who loves to learn foreign languages. This year Scott-Zechlin is working as the SAAB Tutoring Program Director and is a German language tutor. She is also a LINC (Lewis & Clark Intercultural Network for Connecting Students) mentor for incoming students, and the Croquet Society treasurer. Scott-Zechlin is passionate about travel and meeting people from around the world.
  • Alex Simon is a biology major from Louisville, Kentucky. He is passionate about the burgeoning discipline of neuroscience and hopes to perform research in this field at Lewis & Clark and beyond. He volunteered last summer to set up apartments for refugees in Louisville with the non-profit organization Kentucky Refugee Ministries. In addition, Simon’s enthusiasm for bowling has led him to establish the Lewis & Clark Bowling Club.

The Pamplin Society of Fellows formally inducted seven new members in a ceremony on October 20th. This year’s inductees (Rebecca Fitch, Riley Johnson, Dieterich Lawson, Emily Nguyen, Lili Pill-Kahan, Leah Scott-Zechlin, and Alex Simon) joined the ranks of 21 students, more than 70 alumni, and four endowed professors. Membership is extended to seven students each year as they begin their second year at the College.

Members of the Society demonstrate the characteristics outlined by Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, the Society’s founder: an exceptional blend of intellectual talent, dedication to the welfare of one’s community, the habit of physical fitness, and personal integrity. The Society includes members with a diversity of achievements, talents, majors and geographic representation.

The student Fellows determine, plan, and implement a number of programs that the Society sponsors to enhance the co-curricular educational environment of the College. Upon graduation from Lewis & Clark, fellows maintain their membership for life.

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