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Students share their favorite spots on campus

January 15, 2010

The Lewis & Clark campus is a dynamic place in which to live and learn. In the following videos from Lewis & Clark’s YouTube Channel, students offer a candid look at the places they spend the most time on campus.

The Co-op:

Lewis & Clark’s student-run cooperative is more than just a place to grab a cup of fair-trade coffee—it’s also a popular place to study and a venue for concerts and DIY festivals. In this video, students talk about the co-op’s role as a community gathering spot.

Stewart Hall:

Each residence hall on campus has a different personality, and many halls focus on themes like environmentalism and performing arts. Stewart Hall is a wellness-themed hall, and in this video, an RA from Stewart discusses life on campus and offers a glimpse into her single room.

Olin Lab:

While at Lewis & Clark, many students conduct advanced research alongside distinguished faculty, investigating topics from gecko adhesion to neurotoxicity. In this video, students discuss researching memory in the Olin Center for Physics and Chemistry. 

Akin Hall:

As home to Lewis & Clark’s Multicultural Themed Community, the mission of Akin Hall is to enrich the experience of the student body and the Lewis & Clark community by promoting intercultural understanding and celebration. In this video, Akin residents talk about the friendships they’ve made within the hall and the value of living in a closely knit multicultural community.

Watzek Library:

No matter their major, Lewis & Clark students spend time at Watzek Library. In this video, a senior psychology major offers a look at some of her favorite features of the library. 

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