March 29, 2010

Multimedia: Student-artists exhibit capstone works

This spring, the Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art will feature the work of 19 graduating seniors in the Department of Art.

This spring, the Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art will feature the work of 19 graduating art majors. The 2010 Senior Art Exhibition represents the culmination of the work created during the students’ senior year across a variety of disciplines—ceramics, drawing, graphic arts, painting, photography, and sculpture.

“For every student in this exhibition, the senior art project represents an intense engagement of the creative process,” said Linda Tesner, director of the Hoffman Gallery. “This year’s class embodies raw talent, conceptual sophistication, and plenty of moxie.”

To help students prepare for a career in art and help push their creative boundaries, student art majors are required to complete a senior project. They work with faculty to develop proposals for their projects before beginning their senior year. Over the course of their final year, they engage in a series of practical seminars and meeting with professional artists from the local, regional, and national art scene.

“This year, visitors may be surprised to see that much of the work is figurative, a distinct departure from past senior exhibitions,” Tesner said. “Without being too speculative as to why this is, it has been fascinating to notice how many of this year’s seniors are observing human—and anthropomorphic—life.”

In the following audio slideshow, three senior artists discuss their work.

This year’s exhibitors include: James Beyer, Philana Brown, Lyra Butler-Denman, Kelsey Chapple, Gregory d’Hemecourt, Payden Evans, Evan Furey, Eric Geeting, Niccolo Jose, Teresa Kiemnec, Kelly Kuykendall, Casey MacDonald, Nick Makanna, Kathryn Miller, Lindsay Millichap, Molly Montagna, Scott Roos, Jonathan Russell, and Fitzhugh Ryland.

Download a PDF of the exhibition brochure.

An opening reception will kick off the 2010 Senior Art Exhibition on April 2, from 5-7 p.m. The exhibition runs from April 2-May 9; gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For information, call 503-768-7687 or visit the Hoffman Gallery’s website.


*Tracy Peel ’10 contributed to this story.