April 28, 2010

Mindful Giving

Mindful giver Steve Crow.

Coming to Lewis & Clark in 1962 from the eastern Oregon farm community of Lostine, Steve Crow no sooner set foot on campus than he set sail on the college’s first overseas study program to Japan. Juggling excitement and apprehension, he resolved, “If I can succeed now, nothing can get in my way.”

And nothing has. A life dedicated to higher education has taken him to Chile, Ireland, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Spain, and Costa Rica—with more journeys still to come.

Inspired by faculty such as Rena Ratte, Robert Cruden, and Stanley Glarum, he graduated summa cum laude in 1966. After earning a PhD in history from the University of Wisconsin and teaching for almost a decade, he began a career that has included leadership positions in higher education professional associations and global consulting.

Grateful to Lewis & Clark, Crow has served on the Board of Alumni, endowed a scholarship, and established a trust that will pay him income over his lifetime with the remainder going to the college. Why? “I appreciate being challenged to do more. I learned from my parents that one of the ways you acknowledge that you are doing well is in how you give.”