William B. Coggins


Bill Coggins BA ’66 writes: “COVID provided me with the opportunity to write 60 vignettes for my two adult daughters about noteworthy and traumatic occurrences in my life, of which they were previously unaware. These memories included some events of my childhood, high school years, and college years; my Vietnam service; and my careers with the Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They were fascinated and amazed.”


William “Bill” Coggins BA ’66 lives in Leesburg, Virginia, with his wife, Margaret, and their 8-year-old lab, Molly. They are enjoying Virginia’s wine country after moving back to the D.C. area from St. James Plantation in Southport, North Carolina. Coggins retired in 2005 after 37 years of federal service. Following graduation from Lewis & Clark and from Infantry Officers Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia, Coggins completed a tour of duty in Vietnam as an army intelligence officer. After returning from Vietnam and obtaining his MBA at San Francisco State University, he began his federal career at the Concord Naval Weapons Station. Subsequently, he joined the United States Secret Service, where he served in two branch chief positions. In 1998, he was recruited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he initially served as a unit chief and was later appointed to the FBI’s Senior Executive Service as a section chief. Coggins’ older daughter, Laurin Kehaulani, lives in Eugene, Oregon. His younger daughter, Sonnet Kekilia, lives in Maui, Hawaii, with her family, including two sons, ages 7 and 3. He looks forward to frequent visits with his grandsons in their new Hawaii home.