Devon Downeysmith BA ’07


Devon Downeysmith BA ’07, after working for eight years as a bilingual marketing and public relations professional in nonprofit and agency settings, opened her own consulting business, Downeysmith Creative Marketing. Now in its third year, she is proud to have most recently led communications for the No On 105 Campaign, which worked to defeat a ballot measure that would have eliminated Oregon’s three-decade-old anti-racial profiling law, the oldest sanctuary state law in the nation. Downeysmith specializes in campaign and legislative issues. She was part of the team that passed the Clean Fuels Standard (a bill to reduce pollution from the transportation sector), the Coal to Clean bill (a law that transitions Oregon’s electricity grid off of out-of-state coal and onto renewable energy), and Senate Bill 433 to expand diagnostic and treatment services for low-income women with breast or cervical cancer. Currently, Downeysmtih is working on the Clean Energy Jobs bill, a piece of legislation to price and cap pollution from Oregon’s top emitters. She is also helping the National Osteoporosis Foundation (based in Washington D.C.) with a major rebranding effort and is again leading PR for Oregon’s largest running event, the Portland Shamrock Run. Downeysmith has a 3-year-old daughter, Diana, and lives in Forest Grove with her husband, Bryce.