Diana Larsen BA ’86


Diana Larsen BA ’86 writes: “After coauthoring two books earlier in the new century, Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great (2006) and Liftoff: Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams (2016), I decided to take time off from book writing to concentrate on building a new small business. In 2020-21, while spending more time in my home office, I got the energy and encouragement to begin three new book-writing efforts with three different coauthor partners/groups. The first of the three will come out in fall 2021, The Art of Agile Development, 2nd edition (with primary author James Shore). The other two are scheduled for publication in early 2022.”


Diana Larsen BA ’86 is the author of two books, Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great, and Liftoff: Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams, each of which offers strategies and insights on managing and optimizing teams in the workplace. (The books were published by Pragmatic Bookshelf in 2006 and 2016, respectively.)


Diana Larsen BA ’86 has devoted 29 years to providing management consulting services (the last 19 in the software industry). Now she’s switching things up with a training product business start-up called the Agile Fluency Project. Based on the model she developed with colleague James Shore, the business focuses on improving software development outcomes.