Ross Mouer BA ’66


Ross Mouer BA ’66 attended the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston after graduating from Lewis & Clark. He then spent six years in Japan completing PhD research on income inequality and social stratification in Japan. In 1976, he took up a one-year university position in Brisbane, Australia. However, an operation to remove a brain cancer and subsequent recovery and monitoring resulted in his staying put until 1988, when he moved to Monash University in Melbourne and became professor of Japanese studies. From 2010–15, Mouer was professor of work organization and social change at Meiji University in Tokyo, which involved work in Malaysia for roughly three to four weeks each year. During his academic career, he published extensively on work organization in Japan, theories of Japanese society, Japan and Asia literacy, and paradigmatic change in images of Japanese society. Once “fully retired,” he continued to lead two 10-week seminars per year on Christianity and society in Tokyo. Now he writes and enjoys life at home in Melbourne with his wife and four children. He would be happy to hear from classmates at