John Wesley Griffin


John Griffin BA ’92 has released his novel, Endpoint: Confluence, the third volume of a five-part science fiction series. The space opera is full of adventure but also includes themes of alien religion (his BA was in religious studies). The book also includes stellar navigation based upon chanting (“remember that book we read in Basic Inquiry?”). The first book in the series is free on Apple, Kindle, and Smashwords.

Posted 10/03/2019

John Griffin BA ’92 authors the first of a five-part space opera, which takes place in a future where Earth is destroyed. One reluctant human survives and begins an adventure beyond the wreckage. Rescued by a family of pacifist aliens, he embraces their culture and religion. A desperate exodus from violence leads to first contact with additional evolved and elder species. Breadcrumbs lead to the rediscovery of ancient advanced technology and an awareness of a much larger conflict. As the shadow of darkness grows longer across the galaxy, the last of humanity must face a conflicting duality. Self-published, 2019. 362 pages.