Toby Padgett BS ’78


Toby Padgett BS 78, also known as “DJ Toby Chicago,” left the Kingfisher Radio Group UK for a position at Weird Sisters Radio (WSR), which streams out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. “I was offered a half-ownership in Kingfisher but turned it down. At this point in my life, I want less stress, not more. Weird Sisters Radio (the name is a reference to characters in Shakespeare’s Macbeth) is smaller and more liberal with their playlists, plus the station owner is a dear friend and radio legend in her own right.” Padgett made the move in February 2022 and wonders what took her so long. “I’m much happier than ever at my new radio home,” says Padgett. “Weird Sisters Radio is a great place to be!” Her listeners agree.


Toby Padgett BA ’78 can be seen in an internet music video released in late February 2021 by Wayne Krawchuk along with Cootes Paradise, one of North America’s most celebrated indie bands. As “DJ Toby Chicago,” Padgett is the Pacific Northwest studio manager for Kingfisher Radio Group UK, a post she’s held since 2014. She is represented by 910 Public Relations located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In January 2021, Padgett had the honor of hosting the world debut of “Little Evie,” a new song by Wayne Krawchuk with Cootes Paradise, on her internet radio show. She can be seen bouncing up and down for a few seconds at 1:41 in the “let’s dance” part of the video and is mentioned in the closing credits. On her radio show, and also in print, Padgett declared the song “Little Evie” as “the quintessential COVID-compliant children’s song.” Due to COVID restrictions, the band members went into the studio individually to record their tracks. These were then edited together into “Little Evie,” which was written for a girl in the UK, age 7, who is “their biggest fan.” The video is posted on the YouTube account pages for both Wayne Krawchuk and Cootes Paradise. “To be asked to appear in an internet music video with these wonderful musicians from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, totally blisses me out!” says Padgett. “I’m very grateful to them for including me in this project!”


Toby Padgett BS ’78 was the subject of a full-page article in the November 2019 issue of The Libretto, the official journal of the American Federation of Musicians, Hamilton Musicians Guild Local 293, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Padgett, who is known professionally as DJ Toby Chicago, has been with the Kingfisher Radio Group UK for many years and is represented by 910 Public Relations. She actively supports the Bob Pedler Memorial Fund, a Hamilton Musicians Guild yearly fundraiser to support local indie musicians who can no longer perform due to illness and/or disability. Via her international radio shows and mass media pages, she helps bring awareness to this cause. Padgett says: “Indie musicians are not signed to major recording labels and usually pay out of pocket to get CDs pressed and released. As a musician myself, I know how important it is to get airplay to get your sound out there. Since my radio shows are international, I try to help indie musicians everywhere. If anyone in the L&C community knows of other causes like this one that I can help promote, please get in touch with me via my webpage contact form at: I am always happy to help fellow Pios when possible!”


Toby Padgett BS ’78 has been professionally represented for over a year by 910 Public Relations in Michigan. As a DJ and Pacific Northwest station manager with Kingfisher Radio (a British radio group), she gained 910’s attention as a long-established radio personality specializing in Beatles music and trivia. “I’m over the moon about being represented by 910, and through introductions from other 910 clients, I’ve become friendly with Beatles family members and friends I’d never dreamed of being in contact with before,” Padgett said. “910 Public Relations is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me!” She broadcasts under her professional name of “Toby Chicago” and credits her communication professors at L&C (especially Steve Hunt and Richard Hoyt) for teaching her “how to communicate with almost everyone on almost every level and to remain calm, direct, and confident when doing so.” P.S. “910” is “The One After 909”!


Toby Padgett BS ’78 is Pacific Northwest studio manager for a group of three “licensed and legal” internet radio stations operating out of England. Padgett also DJs two weekly radio programs, with another coming soon. She credits her Lewis & Clark communication professors with helping her further develop her communication skills, “which really come in handy when on-air, especially when conducting interviews with recording artists in all genres of music. It’s incredible to really get to know these artists. At this point in my life, it’s all about having fun—and I am!”