Megan Williams BA ’97


Megan Williams BA ’97 worked and lived in New York, Boston, and throughout sub-Saharan Africa in program development and providing technical assistance to NGOs. She returned to Minneapolis 10 years ago. She’s married to Bouba and has two daughters, Bintia (age 9) and Yalihan (age 8). Williams is now director of nursing and home-care services for Clare Housing, a nonprofit that provides affordable housing and health care to people living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. In addition, she is an adjunct professor with Metropolitan State University School of Nursing, where she teaches global and public health. Williams won a “Housing Hero” award this year for her work providing housing and health care to underserved population in Minnesota. She led Clare Housing’s COVID-19 response and helped evacuate an affordable housing unit and nurse’s office during the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Currently, she’s trying to find moments of zen working full time and having school-age children. She keeps sane with weekly Zoom calls to her “L&C girl crew” and other things.