Edgard Garcia BA ’92


Edgard Garcia BA ’92 continues to serve as a member of L&C’s Board of Alumni as well as a member of the Portland and Southwest Washington Alumni Chapter. Garcia owns EAG Language Services, where he promotes clear communication in Spanish for workers all over Oregon. As the corporate translator at SAIF, he translates agricultural safety training for the Spanish-preferring workforce of Oregon. He lives in Lake Oswego with his son, Evan, a potential future Pioneer soccer player.


Edgard Garcia BA ’92 is the Class of 1992 correspondent, a member of Lewis & Clark’s Board of Alumni, and a member of L&C’s Portland and S.W. Washington Alumni Chapter leadership. He lives in Lake Oswego with his 15-year-old son. He owns EAG Language Services and is the corporate translator at SAIF Corporation, a nonprofit workers’ compensation insurance company. SAIF’s vision is to make Oregon the healthiest and safest place to work. Garcia has taught agricultural safety all over Oregon since 2003.


Edgard Garcia BA ’92 has transferred to the marketing, sales, and communication division at SAIF Corporation. He is SAIF’s lead Spanish content strategist (translator) and the head presenter for its agricultural safety seminars. Garcia, who recently celebrated son Evan’s promotion from 5th grade to middle school, believes Evan is on track to be a future Pioneer (class of 2029).


Edgard García BA ’92 is celebrating 31+ years of overseas living—in the United States (he is originally from Nicaragua). As a Spanish translator at SAIF, he teaches and creates strategic communication for employers and workers in Oregon. García is also a member of the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Latino Leadership Class X. He reports that he enjoys raising a future Pioneer for the class of 2029.


Edgard Antonio García BA ’92 lives in Lake Oswego and is an active volunteer at LC. He participates in organizing reunions, volunteering in the career center, and welcoming prospective student to campus, and is a loyal fan of all Pioneer sports. He is raising a future Pioneer (Class of 2029), Evan Antonio, who plays soccer and basketball. As the corporate translator at SAIF, García provides clear communication to the Spanish-preferred workforce in Oregon. García travels to Nicaragua, his native country, every two years and enjoys visiting his family.