Welton Rotz


Everything is True, But Not Necessarily Factual

Welton Rotz BA ’63 pens this collection of stories drawing from his early life on a Kansas wheat farm, his years living in the Philippines, and his studies in theology and psychotherapy. Covering stories that range from deep joy to intense loss, this book takes readers on a unique trip through Rotz’s mind. TC Publishing, 2023. 248 pages.


Welton Rotz BA ’63 writes: “In 1964, I enrolled at San Francisco Theological Seminary and also began sculpting. In 1965, I joined my fellow seminarians on the Selma-Montgomery March. I eventually left seminary to sculpt full time and to explore my own spirituality. Having a California contractor’s license helped support my sculpting. In addition to other sculptures, I have six permanent installations in New York City. After 55 years of sculpting, a neurological disease has affected my hands to the extent I can no longer hold a tool. Now I write short stories.” Rotz’s latest collection is featured in our Bookshelf section.