Douglas W. Lee


Getting Along With Others, Cantonese Style: Traditional Cantonese Ideas About Gender and Experiences With Gendered Relationships in China and America, 1800–1900: The Gum-Shaan Chronicles: Volume 2

Douglas W. Lee BA ’68, JD ’88 authors this historical study of gender relations in China and America from the 1800s to the 1900s. While the first part of the book focuses largely on female experience, part two looks more closely at the male side. The book is the result of 45 years worth of research, with more volumes planned in the future. Dorrance Publishing, 2023. 422 pages.


Seeking Tong-Shaan, Encountering Gum-Shaan: What It Meant to Be Cantonese in China and America, 1850-1900

Douglas W. Lee BA ’68, JD ’88 pens his first book, a study of the Cantonese people over the final 50 years of the 1800s in America. This unique examination of history will be of interest to both academic readers and the general public. Lee’s book is the first in a planned nine-volume series. Dorrance Publishing, 2023. 498 pages.


Douglas W. Lee BA ’68, JD ’88 retired in 2015 after 46 years of teaching. He has two adult sons, but no grandkids yet. Currently, Lee teaches part time at the University of California at Berkeley. He has submitted book manuscripts on Chinese history to a publisher.