Raechelle Belli Backus BA '92

Raechelle Backus Belli

Pronouns: She/her


Raechelle Backus Belli BA ’92 lives and works in Wisconsin; is married to Tom Belli, who is retired; and recently learned that she is the stepmother to 17-year-old Davide from Italy. She reports that “the relationship between Davide and his new family is growing stronger by the day, and he is much loved by his American family.” Raechelle is also the mother of Dr. Grayson Cline, a chiropractor; Reece Cline, a professional plumber; and Abigail Cline, who lives in Kristiansand, Norway, and is pursuing a master’s degree in English. Raechelle works as the public affairs manager for the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, an organization that provides financing for much-needed affordable housing development throughout the state. She is also a passionate volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association, working to find a cure for the devastating neurological condition that her husband was diagnosed with four years ago at the young age of 54.