Adrienne Inglis BM ’82


Adrienne Inglis BM ʼ82 is a founding member of Inversion Ensemble. She also performs on tape and on tour with Chaski, a flute/harp ensemble. Inglis teaches flute at Southwestern University in Texas and plays principal flute with the Central Texas Philharmonic.


Adrienne Inglis BM ’82 composed two choral pieces that were performed in February 2017 in Austin, Texas, by the Inversion Ensemble, a group dedicated to performing innovative choral works and encouraging the creation of new music. On the Mystery of the Incarnation for chorus and strings is inspired by a setting of a Denise Levertov poem of the same name. In Heaven and on Earth for chorus, flute, and clàrsach (Scottish lever harp) is based on Philippians 2:5–11.