Jennifer Vaughan Cyphers


Jen Cyphers BA ’98 still lives in Denver and travels annually to Costa Rica and California with her husband of 18 years and two kids, ages 13 and 11. She has been working on expanding the product line of her company, Pynwheel, which develops sales and leasing touchscreen applications. Pynwheel recently introduced a self-guided tour app, which allows prospective residents to tour apartment and condo properties without a sales or leasing agent, taking shareable photos and notes along the way.


Jennifer Cyphers BA ’00 is founder and CEO of Pynwheel, a Denver-based company that creates, markets, and supports on-site touchscreen software for multifamily real estate developments. The software allows potential renters and buyers to view pictures, floor plans, and other details in a fun, interactive way. It can also be configured to create personalized sales e-brochures and other “green” products.