Darren Drabek BA ’97


Darren Drabek BA ’97 has two fun updates. First, he was the trivia contest winner in a virtual NY/CT Black and Orange party in September. Class of ’97 represent! And second, he was trained to be a poll inspector in Saratoga County for the general election. Regarding the latter, he adds, “Feels like good civic engagement since many poll inspectors in our county are older and feel disinclined to do this job in person, given the health risks.”


Darren Drabek BA ’97 is once again working for Skidmore College, where he coordinates international student recruitment for the office of admissions. With a high school junior in his house, he finds college admissions work hits close to home. Drabek is happy to talk with classmates about the admissions process, especially at Skidmore; email him at Ddrabek@skidmore.edu.


Darren Drabek BA ’97 has, after 20 years at Skidmore College, moved to Illinois to serve as director of international admissions for Lake Forest College near Chicago. In the fall, he visited 10 countries in Asia, meeting prospective students. Drabek looks forward to exploring Chicagoland and participating in a larger L&C community there. His first weekend of work included a dinner invitation from the father of Anne Bunn BA ’97!